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Home Solutions Stolen Form
Home Solutions Stolen Form

A concept brand that specialises in repurposing industrialised objects, transforming them into home accessories and giftware products.

2010 – ongoing

Working closely with Stolen Form, I have designed all aspects of the brand and its packaging requirements.

Brand Development

Christian Marsden, the designer behind Stolen Form, officially established the homeware accessory brand in London, 2012.

He has long been inspired by the urban environment; years spent journeying through London’s streets led him to notice afresh the ubiquitous and foundational features of the city that are so often overlooked; a brick, a manhole cover over a drain or a piece of piping could be reclaimed and elevated to a new level of function and aesthetic value.

The typographic identity aims to visually reflect the essence of the Stolen Form brand;
stealing existing forms.
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