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What I’m thinking of doing here is to create a timeline through the post – so I can just included the bits of work I’ve done in the context of the birth and growth of the project. Key Stages are: (take them from Trello)

  • The bid
  • Winning it
  • Basic Brand Development Design Components
  • Engagement & Social Media Platforms
  • Website Design
  • Website Build
  • Build your own Park Tool & creative excersice
  • Build your own Park Tool & creative excersice submissions
  • The sub event: Digging
  • The Sub event: Decoration
  • Photography / video drone footage of current state – June 2020
  • The Launch
  • Park Submission Exhibition work – Photograph of the items on the wall – Find one!
  • Photography of the CAlly Festival Event
  • Mention of the project making traction and encouraging other similar greening inititiaives in the borough

In 2019, During the Cally Festival event, we asked the people at the cally festival what the wanted to see on Freeling street

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